Thursday, February 25, 2021

Well, it's what they're doing to the citizens of the United States

 It's not so much that the Chinese government shoved swabs up the asses of Biden's State Department officials, it's the fact that the officials allowed it to happen.  Citizens of the US do not bow and they definitely don't take one up the ass, unless they're Eric Swalwell or probably Hunter Biden.

Of course it's just symbolic of the way that Biden and Company are bending over and taking it hard from the Chinese.  

And how they want to treat the citizens of the US.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Seriously WTF. WTF on steroids.

 Indiana's state of emergency has been extended yet another 30 years days.  The stated reason:  there's going to be a bunch of NCAA tournaments in Indianapolis so the state needs to be kept under lock and key because basketball.   I can't even completely convey my disgust in words, even four letter words.  

Fucking pussy with his sports metaphors can kiss my ass.  If the emergency really is an emergency after a year, then they shouldn't be doing the tournaments.  If they are allowing the tournaments, then there is no emergency.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Your papers please

 So, going to dinner in a big city in Michigan is kind of interesting.  First, masking.  No scarfs.  Has to be a real mask.  Then two hand sanitizing stations.  Places to stop and place your feet, much like going into a prison.  Then the kicker--we need your drivers license to scan for our files for contact tracing.

My friend looked at me as my back stiffened up and she indicated that her drivers license was on file from when the reservation was made.  So you have to show your papers in order to eat at a restaurant in Michiganistan.

The next day I'm watching part of The Hunt for Red October.  And they are talking about how papers aren't needed to go from state to state in the US.

Considering what's going on and what happened, I the utter irony was not lost on me.

As a side note, it wasn't like that in the more rural areas.  Masks were a lot fewer, Trump signs were still in abundance, and people looked a lot happier.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Well that kind of hurts

A good friend is a medical professional. This person wanted me to take a cooking class, in Michigan.  Well, the description said that masking was totally required for the whole thing.  

I like learning new things but really honestly couldn't stand to be masked for three or four hours straight.  So I'm taking a pass on the class.  We're going to dinner instead.  

But in a soft soothing voice, like the one you use with small children, animals, or lackwits, I get asked 'You have to wear a mask to the table at the restaurant, can you manage that? I know your idea that masking isn't necessary increases your discomfort with it.'  Maybe, from their side of the divide, a fair point, but just annoying and hurtful on my side.  

It's awesome being treated like I'm ready to start licking the windows on the short bus by someone I've known since I was a kid.  

Just because common sense says that masks don't work.  BTW, this person figures another six months of this stupidity.

Covid rates are dropping-unexpectedly...

 Except not so much on the unexpected.  The CDC put new testing protocols into place so that labs are not testing until they get a positive result.  Amazingly enough at the same time that the injections/treatments started rolling out.  So the illusion is created that these things are more effective than they truly are.

But equally (not) surprising, even though rates are down, deaths are down, hospitalizations are down, evidence is mounting that neither masking nor lockdowns work(ed) the dictators are still dictating.  In Indiana  the head of public health might as well be Fauci's sock puppet.  The CDC is basing their recommendations on input from interest groups, not reality.  Masks are multiplying faster than cockroaches.

More state legislatures are taking action to break the grip of the unelected on the populace of their states.  The governors of those states are fighting back tooth and nail to keep their power--now that they've had a taste of it.  'Cause no one saw that coming.  As Betsy McCaughey said:  

Laughably, many of these governors are pushing back, even going to court to hold onto their autocratic powers. They argue that in emergencies, the democratic process is too slow and messy. Don’t buy it. Like Cuomo, they’re relishing power.

It gets crazier every day.

Please note that I'm not saying that the virus doesn't exist and isn't making people sick.  I've got folks in two different states who are wrestling with it.  I'm just saying that all of this governmental overreach didn't and couldn't prevent it.

Feel better folks--you know who you are.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

All they know is destruction

 So now the left has come for The Bard.  A woman who makes up words like 'misogynoir' (hatred of black women?) believes that opening one's mind by reading ideas and verbiage outside of modern experience has no place.  That his ideas are racist (she must not know that Othello is black), anti-Semitic (has she heard the rhetoric from BLM or Farrakhan?), classist (the democrat upper crust and their breaking of the rules they put into place for the little people?).

Maybe they should take the lesson learned by Andrea Mitchell who did not realize that a quote by Ted Cruz referred to Macbeth--she thought he made a mistake since she didn't realize that the Faulkner book, The Sound and the Fury, also referred to Shakespeare and Macbeth.

I guess they think it's easier to destroy or cancel something than to show their blatant ignorance.


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Not so much on the science

 The Director of the CDC has admitted that lobbyists are "helping" to direct recommendations and policy.  In this case it's teachers groups driving the bus on CDC 'guidance' to schools.  However, it's really the inmates running the asylum, since the CDC is basing its guidance to schools on guidance from the teachers unions.

They have been co-opted.  Why should anything coming from them be believed?