Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Experimenting on children leads to nothing good

 Firstly, I believe that any parent that would allow their children to be involved in a clinical study of a substance that effects genes should have their parental rights dissolved.  

Any parent that would put their children in a study of a substance where there is a known risk of blood clots to the point where several COUNTRIES pulled this substance out of circulation, even for a little bit, should have their parental rights dissolved and their fertility permanently ended.

For the love of little green apples, the world has gone insane!  What is so important about these injections that all of the countries in the world, all of the state governments, all of the local governments, and many of the large private corporations, including academia, would push an EXPERIMENTAL substance onto the populace?  And lie about it.  And make it a ticket to freedoms that don't come from those institutions, but come from God and are reiterated in the Constitution.  

For something that has a 99.6% survival rate.

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The parents allowing an experimental drug for Covid pales in comparison to parents being allowed to let their children choose their gender, then help the minor butcher their bodies to transition. Nope, modern society is going down hill at an alarming rate. Glad I am not a young person growing up. I should be dead by the time the results start popping up as these messed up kids become adult age. I feel sad for my son and grandkids, as the future looks rather bleak.