Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Bowling and bowlers

 Don't mess with folks at bowling alleys. Seriously.  Bowlers are a tribe with subgroups called 'leagues'.  Bowling alleys are places where folks of all races, creeds, and colors mix and mingle.  Some are serious bowlers with one shining goal of a perfect game, some are there for fun.  It's a community and if you've got those shoes on, you are part of it, if only for a game or two.

Which is why you don't attack and choke your girlfriend in a bowling alley.  That shit don't fly.  In the case of Pano Michael DuPree of Charleston, SC, he got arrested after having the stuffing knocked out of him by a female bystander (who apparently has a wicked right hook).

Ironically enough, Mr DuPree, aside from being a boil on the backside of humanity, is a lawyer specializing in criminal law and personal injury claims. Which makes him a festering boil since this miscreant is also an ambulance chaser who lost his law license once before for assaulting a police officer.

So getting bounced onto his ass by a woman I think is poetic in an odd sort of way.

ht:  Wirecutter

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Old NFO said...

Love it, talk about 'poetic' justice!