Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So if something happens to this couple, is Spike Lee to blame

Spike "Do the Right Thing" (except if it doesn't meet your meme) Lee, tweeted the purported address of George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida, in order to facilitate the mob/lynching action that seems to be en vogue with certain portions of the population just now.

However, the address sent over the Twitter feed twice by Mr. Lee, isn't Zimmerman's address, it's the address of a couple in their 70's who were quietly living their lives until Lee decided to help circumvent the wheels of justice.  Mr. Lee picked this incorrect address up from a man from Los Angeles, Marcus Davonne Higgins.

Like many other things associated with the Zimmerman/Martin case, people should be checking their facts and waiting for facts to come out before springing into action. 

Of course that doesn't help David and Elaine McClain, who are huddled in their house waiting for the misguided and misdirected mob to come destroy their house and possibly their lives, all because some guy in Los Angeles tweeted an incorrect address and overreacting celebrities decide to follow along.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that does fit the definition for criminal conspiracy.