Monday, February 13, 2012

And like a zombie, ATTTACKWAATCH.v2 rises from the grave

The latest iteration of Obama's paranoia are called Truth Teams.  Seriously, let's just call them what they are--lying propagandists.  The only way he can stand on his record is to lie about it or blame it on someone else.  One of these teams has actually stated that they are out to intimidate voters. 

As long as they're black, they won't have to worry about the DoJ taking action to prosecute them.


Old NFO said...

They won't give up, they are STILL after us...

kx59 said...

So, they are going counteract conservative "lies" with the "truth" about Obama's record?
Boy, that is going to be one short soliloquy on their part.
I wish they'd picked another hoakey name for v2.0 so it could be mocked into non-existence again.