Thursday, November 10, 2011

Similarities between the Occupiers and Universities

I was reading this over at Atomic Nerds.  The post discusses the insularity of Penn State administration regarding the Sandusky child molestation cover-up.  In response to these crimes being brought to light outside of the university and subsequent sacrifices to try to belatedly look pro-active, the students riot--not against the university officials, but against the news vans.

Now look at the feral children of academe--the occupiers.  There have been rapes, murders, brawls, lice infestations, drug deals.  But the occupiers have done their best to keep these acts internal to their camps only 'fessing-up' when one of their own breaks the code and goes to the police or if an outsider happens to see the acts in progress.

As LabRat irradiates, there is a tribe mentality in academic institutions and I think this has translated to the occupiers as well.  In both cases, as with the Catholic Church, there develops a feeling that the institution is somehow above the law.  And this is the danger.  When there is a feeling that the laws of this land are no longer applicable (and this is being exacerbated by the behavior of the mayors of the various occupied towns who are letting these people constantly break the law), then chaos and destruction are soon to follow.

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