Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creation vs. re-categorization

I was listening to Stewart Varney this morning on WLS (Wolfe and Profft were filling in for Don and Roma) and he was talking about 'green jobs' and the erroneous figures put out by the Obama administration.  You see, and a few folks have talked about this, when the present administration is talking about green jobs created (new verbiage includes 'saved' and now 'supported'), they are really talking about the re-categorization of jobs already in place.  Some examples:  a lobbyist working for a 'green' company is considered to be a green job.  If a bus driver is now driving a hybrid bus rather than a pure diesel or gas powered vehicle, it is considered to be a green job.  Pretty much anything having to do with transportation has also been re-classified as 'green' thus jacking up those numbers.

Borepatch has an interesting post up that shows that for every 'green' job created using taxpayer dollars (new job, not re-classified job) then 2.2 jobs are lost in the real world.  Why??  Because those jobs suck in hundreds of thousands of dollars per position.   Or even millions....

For example:  Solyndra received approximately $500 million.  Their company had 1200 employees.  Let's assume that a quarter of the $500 million went to salaries.  That would be over $100,000 per position of taxpayer money.  Not quite what the feds are making now, but getting pretty close.

Obama's green obsession and his continuing insanity (doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results), especially in the light of failing green industries worldwide since countries cannot any longer maintain the subsidies that would keep those industries running, is costing this country hundreds of millions and probably trillions of dollars if you count the jobs lost by regulatory fiat.  When does it stop??  In 2012.


Old NFO said...

Yep, BP did a nice job with that... The REAL costs are horrendous for real green jobs.

Midwest Chick said...

NFO--you're right. They just aren't viable. And I also read that the high speed rail for which Obama has a woody is going to take 22 years and right now, almost $100 billion with the latest estimates.