Sunday, October 9, 2011

This has been bugging me for a few days... GOP still missing the point.

Via Gateway Pundit:  When discussing Chris Christie's (final) decision to not run for President, Georgette Mosbacher, RNC Finance Co-Chair basically dismissed the fact that it was important saying that the RNC is going to get behind Mitt Romney because they think that 'he's more electable'.  Further, she says "He’s less conservative than a lot of us would like. However, our first and foremost goal is to defeat Obama."

This comment is one VERY big reason why I do not give money to the RNC.  They are still holding to the ideas of the past--that a moderate is 'more electable'.  They have missed the point that Big Government Republicans* are not what the country wants, what the Tea Partiers want, and what will actually win this country and election. 

In taking this position, it is clear that the RNC is not listening to polls like this which state that a Generic Republican has a six point lead over Obama in an election.  The key point that the RNC is not seeing is that the American public does not WANT a 'generic' Republican.  We've had those.  Bush was one, McCain was one, Romney IS one.

With the magic of the Internet, we don't NEED the RNC anymore.  Neither do we want our candidates hand-picked in the (formerly smoked-filled until it was outlawed) back room of some mansion in Washington DC and handed to us.  We want to choose, not to have the MSM, the RNC leadership, or the present governmental class handing us more of the same in order to perpetuate the corrupt system presently in place which is strangling the lifework and lifeblood of those who still believe that America is (or can be once again) the Land of the Free.  We want REAL change in the system.  We want a candidate who shares our conservative values.  We want an actual decrease in the size of government, not just a decrease in the GROWTH of government.  But with folks like Georgette Mosbacher still sitting in those back rooms and calling the shots, it will never happen.

*Hi Chas--please note I am not using RINO any more.


Southern Belle said...

I've said it to Brigid recently and I'm saying it to you.... Amen Sista!

Scout26 said...

The stupid party does it again. The "Electable: ones don't get elected (McCain, Dole) But the conservative ones (or that claim to be or have a record of being conservative) do get elected. Reagan, Bush II.

If they put Romney up against Obama, I will not vote for him. I held my nose and voted McCain (only to vote for his VP), but not again. A conservative or my vote and money will go elsewhere.

Midwest Chick said...

Thanks Belle!

Scout: The hard part is convincing the GOP. They seem pretty set, especially after Christie's endorsement of Romney today.