Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doubling down on stupid

The Obama administration has gotten its collective balls in a wringer on a couple of fronts:  domestically Obama is calling for more taxes on 'the rich' while re-defining rich as folks who are really not-so-much rich.  (That's part of the problem with being forced to quantify your definitions).  And the American public understands that class warfare is class warfare even if Obama says it's not.  This is so bad that his Democrat senate won't be pushing to 'pass this bill' for maybe a couple of weeks, if ever.  It's more of the same but with the additional 'problem' of recent experience showing that this absolutely will not work.  As a matter of fact, S&P is thinking about downgrading the US AGAIN because President Socialist doesn't realize that actually, you know, cutting the size of the federal government and its attendant spending is the only true way to get the economy moving and cut the deficit.  Taking more money from the American taxpayer will not work.

On the foreign affairs front, last year at this time, Obama made a lovely flowery speech about 'next year at this time' (chickens coming to roost now) 'there will be a Palestinian state living in peace with Israel.'  However, this is running into his re-election issue of trying to court the Jewish vote again, combined with the fact that Netanyahu refused to be pushed under the bus.  Because no matter what New York magazine says, Obama is most definitely NOT the first Jewish president, just as Clinton was not the first Black president.  It's got to be terrifying to Obama to be *thisclose* to actually having to stand up with Israel and veto a Palestinian statehood, since they are within two votes of making it happen.  For a guy who likes to vote 'present', taking a position, especially one he has shown he is fundamentally against, has to be the realization of his worst nightmare.

This guy and his policies are chock full of FAIL.  It'll be interesting to see if he can pull himself away from fund-raising in NYC to actually attend any of the UN sessions and to see if he can squirm out of the box he's painted himself into.


Old NFO said...

And don't forget his plan to screw over military retirees! Sigh... is it 2012 YET???

Midwest Chick said...

It can't come too soon, can it?