Friday, August 26, 2011

Seriously, did I hold up a cue card??

A new report says that students majoring in Education in college consistently receive higher grades than students enrolled in other majors. The reason (no big surprise here): lower grading standards. Well duh! Ever since I saw a College of Education from the inside, I've been trumpeting this bit of news to the stars. Of course I didn't do a study....

Michael Walsh in the New York Post takes up the microphone and echoes what I've been saying:
This madness has to end. We must return to the days before education majors got a stranglehold on the schools, before the vicious cycle of bogus achievement leading to invincible ignorance. And it starts by hiring teachers who can teach subjects, not theories.
Look, any time a tenured professor will equate a poem with a five-page research paper,  there is a problem.  And like I've said before and as Walsh is saying in his article, we need to go back to when teachers actually knew their subjects.  When they had the knowledge and background to be able to tell when a textbook has incorrect data or information.  When teachers were majors in a subject like math or English or history first and learned the ropes of teaching later.  When a student mastering the information was more important than mastering a test.

Hopefully there can be some real change when more information like this is made public!


Anonymous said...

I just met my kid's new HS English teacher this past week. He was explaining how he will be teaching the students how to analyze literature and poetry for its true meaning. He hates to assign grades, but the school requires it. He thinks effort is more important than results.
I didn't say it aloud, but all I could think was, "No kidding. Your subject has no correct answers anyway."
As a sophomore in high school, my kid is already cynical enough to know that she only has to regurgitate the answers the teachers are looking for, whether the subject is Climate Change or whether the Billy Goat Gruff was a child molester.

Midwest Chick said...

What gets me is who is deciding what the 'true meaning' of a work is. As part of our English class, we had an entire semester of logic If A = B, etc. We also had 9 weeks of sentence construction.

And the effort is not more important than results. That's what comes out of the 'esteem-building culture' of colleges of education and it's crap. Our students come out knowing nothing of a subject, but they feel real good about their ignorance. (and the ignorance is not their fault, BTW).