Monday, August 15, 2011

It's not Greensleeves

But, in the course of discussing 'music to not get lucky by' with Brigid and Himself this weekend, William Shatner was mentioned.  So here's an excerpt of him doing 'Free Bird'.

It was a great weekend all the way around. Himself cooked a fantastic dinner and breakfast. There was gopher dancing, dogs, some favorite tunes. I'm pretty sure that both Brigid and Barkley had almost as good a time as we did.  There were also gifts on both sides--I got a Brigid-made paracord bracelet and she had a friend make us an ornament for the wall specifically for us (pictures later because I forgot to take any).  It is very nice with small spatulas, guns, and tools hanging from a blue and gold sunflower and we've got to find a prominent place for it in the house.

There was also a surprise guest appearance by the mighty and indominable Og yesterday afternoon, which was a great way to finish the weekend.

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