Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't believe what you hear, especially when it's out of Obama's mouth....

So the Campaigner-in-Chief on his 'listening tour' just dismisses a farmer's concerns about over regulation.  "Don't always believe what you hear", Obama says.  Okay, how about some specific stuff that would have caused some concerns:  DOT floating a proposal about requiring ranchers to get commercial driver's licenses (abandoned for now); EPA farm dust rules (due this month if it flies); or how about fertilizer and pesticide use?   Or how about a $90,000 fine for selling rabbits without a license from the USDA (they can get the fine dropped if they get a license and give up their right to raise and breed them ever again).  Or the EPA categorizing milk as oil with attendent cleanup and storage issues?  OR the USDA hunting down the sellers of (OMG!) Raw Milk to hippies that don't want their milk pasteurized (and presumably are adults and can figure out there's possible consequences). 

This doesn't even go into the Clean Water Act, endangered species, or wetlands rules and regs that all affect farmers and farming.

I found these using a quick google search and I'd say that the farmer's concerns were pretty valid.

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