Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wu, wu?!?

As Tam mentioned a couple of days ago, everyone, from Congresscritters to the MSM seems to be stuck in euphemism-land on the Wu case.  It seems to me that the definition of 'unwanted sexual encounter' would, in any other context (or if it was a Republican or a Conservative), be called 'rape'.

In an interesting article on Big Government by Charles C. Johnson, it seems that Wu has been accused before of a similar crime (he was accused and punished by Stanford in the mid-1970s on the charge of attempted rape when he was a student). 

At least one bill he sponsored is more interesting in context:  he sponsored H.R. 1724 “The Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies Act of 2011” which would deny federal funding to hospitals that don’t offer emergency contraceptives to rape victims.  Hmmmm......

Apparently even the crime of rape (or the accusation thereof) is not enough for an alleged feminist, such as Nancy Pelosi, to call for Wu's immediate resignation since she wants to keep him on for his debt ceiling vote.  Then, apparently, he can rot in Hell as far as the DNC (with its head, the perpetual victim Wasserman Schultz) and Pelosi are concerned.

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