Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here's your tax dollars at work--for the children

Looking through a regional newspaper online, I found this article which discusses priorities for capital projects for a high school (Portage High School in Indiana).  On the list:

relocating a fence
changing wallpaper in the auditorium
replacing the sound system in the gymnasium and auditorium
installing a new video system at the high school

and the topper:  
Crosswalks:  constructed of asphalt embossed and dyed to look like brick. One would be 25 feet by 37 feet in size and be placed between the student parking lot and PHS East building.

A second, installed between the public/student parking lot and the stadium, would be 45 feet by 37 feet in size and include a 12-foot-by-12-foot embossed logo of the school's mascot, an Indian head.

According to the article, the cost of the crosswalks is $37,700. The mascot would cost an additional $4,400 and white striping would be an additional $107 for a total of $42,207.

"I think it makes a statement," said member Deb Ekdahl, adding the district needs to maintain and improve the looks of the high school grounds. "We need to keep up and be competitive."

Why??  It's a public high school.  Students will go there regardless of white striping in the crosswalks and they'll get there relatively safely without the asphalt being dyed to look like brick (which lasts about a month in high traffic areas).

Priorities people....  remember the children?  It's a smaller version of that $500 million school in Los Angeles.   At the same time this same school district is doing a drive to get school supplies for kids.

It's hard to find the funny in this anymore......


KurtP said...

Actually Deb Ekdahlis right- it DOES make a statement.
It tells everyone how the school looks at priorities, and that looks come before saving money or education!

Midwest Chick said...

Exactly. Form over function.... Never mind about the cost--we'll go and whine for more money. There's hardly ever any accountability to the taxpayers--no budgets or priorities are publicized. Maintenance and safety are one thing, anything else should be outside of the realm of possibility.

How about them doing a drive for the extras and providing the kids with the necessities?