Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And yet another save by the passengers and crew of an airplane

So a Saudi student from Akron, OH with a boarding pass (but who was not on the passenger list) wafts past the TSA in Chicago and somehow gets past the double-check of boarding pass to passenger list at the gate and gets so unruly on a flight that the flight crew, assisted by a passenger, were forced to hog-tie him and secure a surgical mask (replacing the original duct tape) over his mouth to keep him from spitting on people.

In this case, I can't say that the blame would fall on the TSA, but definitely someone dropped the ball on cross-checking boarding pass vs. passenger list a la Noibi a couple of weeks ago.  All that said, it was the flight crew and passengers that stepped up and took action.  Everything else is theater.

People have got to step up and realize that life is risk.  Driving to work is risk, flying is a risk.  Hell's bells, even taking a shower is a risk.  If you don't take responsibility for your own safety as much as you can, you might as well wrap yourself in bubble wrap and sit on your couch sucking your thumb like a small child.  Anyone who says 'well I'll allow my six year old to be groped in their private parts because it makes us all safer' should be slapped and told to grow a pair (whether it be balls or ovaries).

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