Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I think this person just insulted all thinking women

Wow!  Talk about the culture of victimhood and not stepping up to take responsibility for one's actions.  Via Ann Althouse, there is a conversation on JoeMyGod's blog about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston and how both of them were drunk in a tent and then intercourse happened. Most of the commentors are personal responsibility types of folks who realize (as Bristol did when she lied to her folks about where she was going and who she was with) that there are consequences to drinking excessive wine coolers (which is a conscious choice).  Some are small minded Palin haters engaging in ad hominem attacks.  But here's one that just floored me:

I don't want to judge anybody or make assumptions, but in my opinion, a lot of men here seem to forget, or perhaps have never realized, the way men can control, manipulate, intimidate and yes, coerce women into doing things they do not want to do or wouldn't normally do.
Gah!  Seriously!  WTF!  In one foul sentence this person has wiped away the idea that women are thinking human beings with a will of their own.  From their other comments, I am assuming that this person is female, which makes it worse.

The second you pull the victim card or have dismissed the idea of free will  you have lost the frickin' argument.   Really, you absolutely cannot have it both ways.  Either you are a thinking, rational being or you are a hormone-ridden emotional mess who needs the hand of man to keep you in line.  You are either someone who takes responsibility for your actions, or you are a victim.  Pick one.

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Mr.B said...

Of course. That is why women need men. Else they'd just sit there and quiver when things became too much for them

Women need a strong, firm, yet gentle hand. Else they'd never be able to function.

Without men, women would just never be able to focus enough on things that are important....They'd get stuck in things like fashion, and gossip, and babies....Which is the reason they need pink gripped snubby revolvers and such.

It says so right here. It must be true. This is the internet, after all.