Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wild kingdom...

I have several bird feeders right off of our porch and have been throwing down sunflower seeds and stuff for the squirrels, rabbits, and bigger birds.  It also keeps the larger night critters off my suet feeders and keeps them from breaking my other feeders.

I'm going to have to either start throwing this stuff down someplace else or stop doing it altogether because the two racoons from last night have now morphed into three with a very large opposum thrown in for good measure all happily munching away together.  It was a critter convention.  None of them are particularly concerned by people and when Himself went to shoo them away so we could let the dog out, the opposum was a bit put out but finally sniffed and went her merry way.

I know they are wild animals and one of my fears is a dust-up with them and the dog, but dang, they sure are cute but I need them away from the house before we have a furry Greek tragedy on our hands.


Southern Belle said...

I had a bird feeder in my yard a few years back, my better half called them our 'welfare birds'.

He has a similar story from his teenage years regarding raccoons which is hilarious. I'll get him to post it to our blog and link it back here when he gets home tonight.

Moving the food away from the house is probably a good idea. Before long the raccoons will discover that they not only have a Denny's in the neighborhood, but a nice cozy hotel in the form of your attic to boot.

Mr.B said...

And that is why I strongly discouraged her from doing it again. Cute critters they might be. But they always go too far. And my hopme is not a hotel for them.

But the possum was surely cute. Not aggressive, and (sadly)not seeing me as a threat.

That way lies trouble.

Midwest Chick said...

I don't mind the squirrels and the rabbit, but when the night-time contingent is reaching maximum capacity, we're developing a problem of my making since Himself thought it was a bad idea to throw down more food. I'll toss some down by the barn and bring in the other feeders for the night for a week or so and try to break them of the habit of coming up to the house.

KurtP said...


Midwest Chick said...

Hey, Mutual of Omaha has nothing on our household! And I only did it twice, but it was enough to gather the furry gang of four.