Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An illustration of the difference between men and women

So, there's a woman at work.  She's a plagiarist, she's a big believer in form over function.  If she burst into flames, I'd be hard pressed not to get the gasoline if she was on fire.  I wouldn't light the match but would do a happy dance of joy if her ashes blew away on the wind.  Just after I started this job, she came in and said 'your hair has gotten long enough, you should go get it cut.' 

So today, I'm in the hall and she comes up to me and says 'Your hair has gotten so long, it's beautiful.' and then reaches out and touches it.  I'm trying to back up so she won't touch me again, but then I see her wipe the hand with which she touched me on her skirt.

So I tell the story to some female friends at work.  And I get responses like 'Oh no she didn't.' and 'How crass.' and 'What a bitch.'.

And then I tell the story to Himself.  *crickets*.  I say, 'then she wiped her hand on her skirt--it's not like my hair whipped out and attacked her like Medusa'.  *crickets*  He says 'Babe, I'm sorry, but I'm just not getting it.' So I explain that 'she wiped her hand on her skirt like she touched something nasty.'   And then the light came on but not as vehemently as my female friends.

So it was an interesting lesson in male/female reactions to the same thing while also confirming my hate for the woman since she is utterly a bitch.


North said...

That is... icky. I hope you washed her greasy prints out of your hair.

I would have just grabbed a scissors, lobbed off the bit she touched, and yelled GROSS!

Maura said...

North just linked me to your post, and I said to him "Holy Crap, I would have called her out on that!"

People seem to think having long hair is an invitation to touch ( um, no... ) but wiping her hand?

I think I'd make a BIG deal the next time she touched me to "brush away the cooties" where she touched me, or to touch her lapel and then grimace and wipe my own hand and walk away.

Ugh! ( Sorry that happened to you! )

Midwest Chick said...

North--I did go home and wash my hair ASAP, but wasn't willing to sacrifice two years' growth for that bint.

Maura--she's wretched anyway and the best thing is that most of the folks with whom I work are making a big joke out of it at her expense.

kx59 said...

ugh, waiting for someone like that to self destruct so they will go away (or be sent on their way) can be painfully slow.

Midwest Chick said...

She's steadily losing credibility but I don't think she'll ever go away. My best bet is to find someplace else to be for a variety of reasons, not just her.