Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whoo hoo!

As the commenter in the last post about my friend noted, Patch is safe at home.  Looks like he took a little magic carpet ride on an F-3 and he's a little wobbly and he's got a vet appointment this afternoon, but he's okay.  The missing cat also showed up yesterday morning as well as the stray cat they'd been feeding.  So all furry people are accounted for and are safe.

As for the house and such, they're getting the roof plywooded and tarped this afternoon and are still waiting for the insurance guy before they do too much.  They do have a tree that came through the window but they won't know the extent of that damage (may be some structural damage) until they move it.  And their porch was essentially sheared off the house.  All of the cellulose insulation was sucked from the attic into the entire upstairs of the house and was then pounded into the carpet by the rain.  It's amazing how in less that 30 seconds the whole landscape can change.

My friend said she found a plastic Santa in the middle of the woods (not theirs) when she was searching for the dog yesterday and saw a swimming pool wrapped around several trees.  They lost a bunch of tree with 5' diameter trunks so nothing looks the same or familiar.

As I told her, my prayers were for Patch and the kitty since we can help put back the rest of the stuff.  So we're off to a good start even though there is a LOT of work ahead.

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North said...

It is a good thing that so much has worked out. I'm glad to hear the good news.