Saturday, April 9, 2011

Culture of victimhood

It seems that the fine young women of Yale have been turned into fainting flowers (via Advice Goddess).  When faced with signs like "We Love Yale Sluts" or chants of "No means no and yes means anal" instead of giving back as good as they're being given, they run and hide behind the skirts of the administration and cry sexual harassment instead of going all Lysistrata on them and taking a proactive approach.

Seriously though, when did feminism start to equal puling fainters who quail at words they don't like?  No wonder strong women who are secure in themselves totally freak these people out.  Back in the day, a better response to 'No mean no and yes means anal.' would be signs carried by the women that said 'To Yale Boys, No means No and Yes mean Anal--with each other' or signs quoting Will Smith/Men in Black 'Don't want none, don't bring none.'

Problem being it's not just the students, they are being taught this crap by example.  I remember the response to Larry Summers' speech about the lack of women in the hard sciences.  One of the females in the audience said that she "felt physically ill" at listening to him and had to leave.  Seriously.  An MIT biologist got the vapors because someone said something she didn't like.

On the flip side, how can men be expected to have any respect whatsoever for creatures like that?  No wonder the Yale boys chant and hold up signs--they are trying to weed out the fainting Nellies from the real women.

But a larger issue, pointed out in the article at the first link (relinked here) is the fact that these women are mounting a further attack on free speech and are being supported at the top levels not only of Yale, but the federal government. 

ETA:  If things keep going as-is, it's going to lead to things like this (ht:  Old Grouch).


Borepatch said...

They learn this at school from administrators who happily get job security by being in demand to "protect their charges".

Of course, Yalies are far too smart to ever understand that ...

North said...

I don't want feminists. They are obsolete. They are angry soldiers fighting the wrong war. Or fighting the war in the wrong way.

I want equalists? Liveandletbeists? Fair people, not victims.

Midwest Chick said...

Borepatch--going further I think they're given a double-whammy of victimhood plus the demonization of men.

North--Fourth wave (is it fourth or fifth, I've lost track) feminism has completely lost the plot.