Thursday, March 3, 2011

This guy has some serious anger issues.....

Below is a tirade from Wisconsin Representative Gordon "Happy Ending" Hintz (watch it or not, it doesn't matter).  What shows is that this man has some pretty serious issues and should probably seek professional help (outside the Wisconsin penal system) in anger management. 

Bear in mind that he was cited in Appleton, WI under an ordinance that prohibits "paying or receiving “a fee, directly or indirectly, or to offer or ask for anything of value, for touching or offering to touch the sexual parts of another.”  He immediately tried to shuffle any attention from him on to the ongoing budget battle at the State Capital (this is not the legislator you're looking for, move along).  I'm not surprised that he'd have to pay for it since I can't see anyone putting up with him unless they were extremely well compensated.  Interestingly enough (not really), I can't find any mention of a significant other in any of his biographies online.

He also seems to have some issues with women (please see the above paragraph) since he yelled "You're f**king dead." at a female colleague in the Wisconsin legislature.  Of course, his comments were completely not his fault (although he apologized), it was the shock *SHOCK* of the vote coming after 58 hours of debate.  His colleague handled it with class but has asked that he be formally reprimanded.

IMO, the man is a total douche and the citizens of Oshkosh should recall him for being an embarrassment, regardless of his political connections in the city.

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KurtP said...

Hey Oshkosh, the union is trying to get some recall petitions going- maybe you should ask about it.