Monday, March 7, 2011

Statistics challenge

Don Wade and Roma had on Senator Jauch this morning.  He's one of the Wisconsin senators that is presently residing in the state of Illinois to avoid having to do his job.  Something that struck me during the interview (and I tried and TRIED to get through) was that he claimed that his office is receiving calls and emails 10-1 in favor of the public sector unions.  I don't contest that figure.  However, my question  is "How many of those calls and emails are actually from your constituents, Senator Jauch?"  It's fine for him to toss out a factoid like that, but seriously, I have a suspicion that he's doing it in order to justify his actions and avoid the further responsibility of actually representing his constituents rather than the public sector unions who are so generous to him.

He also claimed that they have six Republicans who are wavering on this bill.  If that's the case, why haven't the Fleebagging cowards packed it up and returned to their state?  I do have to say that if I was one of their constituents, I'd be waiting with the tar, feathers, and a rail.  But if anyone from Wisconsin actually reads this and you're a Walker supporter on this issue, call your Senator (and your Rep for good measure) and chime in and tell them to stand strong on supporting this.  When a person's only argument (as Sen. Jauch this morning) in favor of something is that it has been in place for 52 years, then they really don't have an argument, do they?

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