Monday, March 21, 2011

Beware! There be radioactivity materials thar!

The talking heads on television this morning (I'm not even bothering with names since they are all interchangeable) were jabbering on about the possibility of radioactive cars and materials from Japan.  One brain, who was apparently mimicking words much like a baby or an actor on Star Trek: the Next Generation (and with as much comprehension) says that there's no need to worry about the 'radioactivity materials'.  *facepalm*  And cars and car parts are safe because they are built inside....  True because they won't gather any surface contamination but still something being contaminated is not the same as something actually being irradiated to the point where it also becomes radioactive....  *sigh* 

For myself, I'm questioning the contaminated spinach and milk thing from Japan.  In an article in the Wall Street Journal, it's not clear if the spinach was surface contaminated or if the spinach had actually uptook (ed. from uptaked) the isotopes from the ground (which is highly unlikely considering the short time between the release and the sampling).  It's possible that the cows grazing on grass that was surface contaminated might have picked up some of the residual radiation that was then expressed in milk, but the first good solid rains should solve the problem (dilution is the solution to pollution when it comes to radioactivity).

I think that the emphasis should be on either getting Japan's manufacturing plants up and running ASAP or finding alternative plants to keep American plants producing rather than all of these folks trying to talk about something that they don't understand.

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Southern Belle said...

Funny thing about the talking heads. Usually they speak from a mutual premise of ignorance. They hook onto something and spread it around, never bothering with the actual facts.

Remember Katrina and the supposed baby raping in the Superdome?