Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daniels blinks, Walker doesn't

We've had two fairly similar responses to unpopular bills in both Indiana and Wisconsin.  Granted, the Indiana bill takes on private sector unions and the Wisconsin bill deals with public sector unions (which should not exist, IMO) and also excludes fire and police due to safety issues. 

In both states Democrat legislators (I cannot bring myself to call them Democratic since what they are doing is derailing the democratic process) took it on the lam to the sanctuary/socialist state of Illinois, there to hide and wash their unmentionables in hotel sinks.

In Indiana, Daniels came out against the legislation proposed by Republican legislators and praised the actions of the wayward Dems.  In other words, he blinked.  And in so doing, he just disqualified himself from being a candidate for whom I would vote for President.

In Wisconsin, which had a far greater bruhaha and school closings and fake doctors notes and 'protesters' bused in from other states (ironically enough, Illinois), Walker stood his ground.  The other legislators stood their ground.  And they took action (ht. Middle of the Right) to bring the slackers back to the Senate chambers using their paychecks as bait.  There is talk of recalling the Senators who fleebagged their way to Illinois, shirking their duties, and attempting to usurp the will of the people of the state of Wisconsin (hopefully there will be follow-through on that talk as well).

Daniels is an administrator, and a competent one.  He has kept Indiana from following the fate of many of the other states in Middle America.  But he is not a leader and has proven it.

It takes a lot more than administrative know-how to be a leader, and Walker, thus far, is demonstrating the difference.


Frank W. James said...

Problem is in Indiana this is an old tactic that has been used by Republicans as well. They last used in 2001 and were M.I.A. for 2-1/2 days, so it's pretty hard for anyone to point fingers at the other side when this tactic is employed.

As for Ditch Manuels, All of the facts have yet to be revealed and the intimate details of his support for the coal gasification plant are something many are waiting to see...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Midwest Chick said...

I wasn't in Indiana at that time so I didn't realize the Republicans had pulled that trick (but you can bet that I would have been on the phone telling them to suck it up and get to work).

I'll have to do some research about the coal gasification plant--thanks for the heads-up.