Thursday, January 13, 2011

Okay, seriously amok rules and regulations....

It seems that every time I think I can't be baffled by the bullshit put out by the federal government under the guise of rules and regs that something else comes along.  Via Advice Goddess, a Canadian woman had a candy egg confiscated from her car because it contained small toys that could cause choking.  SERIOUSLY!  And then later she gets a seven page letter from the US government asking her to authorize the destruction of the candy in question.  If she doesn't want it destroyed, she has to pay $250 to store it.

Really, I read something like that and my first thought is, if they are so busy worrying about contraband candies with a possible choking hazard, are they really able to concentrate on the really bad stuff?? 

But here it is:  The FDA banned Kinder Eggs under the Bio-Terrism Act of 2002 as of December, 2003.   As near as I can tell, they refused the candy in question entrance into the United States pursuant to CFR Title 21, Section 1.283, subpart a (1) which states that in the case of inadequate prior notice given to the FDA, pre-prepared foods can be confiscated by border agents and held if it's not designated for personal use (like a gift for someone).  Somehow I don't think that a possible choking hazard from a piece of candy should come under this particular CFR.  And, as an aside, when I have to go to Title 21, Section 1.283, subpart 1(1) to find the frickin' reg, there are too many regs.

Just another regulatory overstep.  This is the crap that needs to be reined in and quickly!

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