Friday, January 7, 2011

Okay, now this is interesting. Unions taking wanna-be-former members to court

Via Big Government, the Michigan Education Association is taking some of its members, who don't want to be members, to court.  In Grand Rapids, the school board voted to no longer deduct union dues from teachers' paychecks--instead the teachers have to write a check directly to the union.  Apparently, approximately 90 folks refused to do so to protest the union's behavior during the last round of contract negotiations.  So the union is taking them to court--filed against 5 of the 90 (to get as many to fall into line as possible).  The judge ruled that because Michigan is not a right-to-work state, then Teacher #1 on the union pyre has to pay up, even though she says that the union in not representing her interests.

So really, what are the Teachers Unions except for thugs?  And what is the state of Michigan to force someone into paying for a 'service' that they don't want and, in fact, a person feels is detrimental to their interests??  Aside from the fact that this sounds like Obamacare writ on education, I'd be livid.  The school board did the right thing in making it an individual's responsibility to pay union dues rather than the dues being automatically deducted from paychecks and gave some folks an avenue to complain about the union's activities.  But then the state is acting as an enforcer for the union.  I know they need good teachers in other states.  If I was one of the 90, I'd be checking out other opportunities.

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