Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jumping the Shark, SOTU-style, a liveblog with commentary

Okay, during the SOTU, I now realize why I keep seeing (or repeating over and over) STFU.  It's not the State of the Union anymore, it's the 'here's my agenda and you all should agree with me'.  So there's agenda items such as amnesty for illegal students because they happen to make it to college (and be subsidized by taxpayers); high speed rail (what is the fascination of the left with high-speed rail??); and electric cars (ditto on the electric cars--why??). 

He's talking about reviewing regulations and cutting items that put extra burden on business (hello, the 1099 provision in Obamacare--great place to start, you moron).. Wait, did he actually reference that provision as something that needs to be changed?  Oh crap, now he's bringing in the so-and-so from somewhere sob story because he doesn't realize the basis of insurance and risk and that whole pre-existing thing that kind of goes against the idea of insurance. 

The thing that gets me too, is the whole thing about education.  Cutting the federal department of ed will do more for improving the educational system in the US than anything else they could do.

Hmmm... cutting medical costs through tort reforms.  Can't imagine where I heard that before.. *cough, cough*Tea Party*.... 

Still wanting to slam the 'wealthiest two percent'.  So let's go ahead and punish success although he says it's 'promoting America's success'.  Oy ve.  Simplifying the tax code would be good though.  Flat tax anyone??

I think Mr. B is right--investments was the word of the evening.  Should have done a drinking game.  I'd be more blitzed than the VodkaPundit by now.

I'm noticing that the mixed bag of seating at least is preventing everyone from jumping up and down.  But now he's against earmarks too.  If he'd been acting that way before he was essentially forced to, maybe the last two years wouldn't have been the clusterfuck that it's been.  The Tea Parties have to keep the push on though since political minds are small and memories are short-term.

Wait, did he just declare that the 'leadership of America has just been renewed'.  Nice conceit--just slid that in there.

Gee, now American Muslims are part of the American family.  Guess that puts the fun in dysfunction then with a side order of explosive family reunions because we now have the media blaming the conservatives for everything.  Guess the TSA will have to keep patting down little old ladies.

Iran and Korea is facing tougher sanctions than ever before.  Thanks Jimmy Carter Jr.  See how well that works.

In your face Harvard.  No excuse for keeping military recruiters off campus now with no 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

So other countries have the New York Times too in order to do the government's propaganda??

I'm still not hearing anything about the state of the union. 

But if he finishes up with 'Together We Thrive', I'm going to go throw up.

Oh, thank goodness, he didn't go there.


KurtP said...

Didn't he already say he wouldn't sign any pork laden budgets back in '08...before he signed the biggest budget in history that was dripping with pork fat?

Midwest Chick said...

Yeah, but this time he really, really means it.