Thursday, December 23, 2010

The WTF moment of the day

And they wonder why the educational system in this country is in shambles.  In perusing the news of the day this morning, I found this gem on Big Government.  It seems that an Oklahoma City math teacher felt compelled to perform a citizens arrest on a seventh grade student for....  wait for it....  not a weapon, not a weapon facsimile, not a pocketknife, a toy soldier or any other zero tolerance idiocy, but for the heinous crime of using a Sharpie that bled through the paper and marred the desk at which he was sitting.  She swore out the citation, the kid was taken to a juvenile detention center, and the marker was placed into evidence.  FOR A FRICKIN' MARKER using an obscure city ordinance that makes it illegal to "possess spray paint or a permanent marker on private property without the owner's permission".  Seriously, I'm flummoxed as to why this woman still has a job and why the police didn't tell her to act her age, suck it up, and do her job.

So instead of acting like an adult and explaining to the kid that he can't use a Sharpie and perhaps a trip to the principal's office since she's clearly incapable of dealing with the students in her charge, she calls the cops.  And the cops complied with this absolute stupidity.  This is the type of educator that needs to have their happy asses tossed out of the profession, but because of the unions, they go on traumatizing students and teach them nothing except that teachers are evil and helpless.  My disgust knows no bounds on this.
Here's how the call to the police SHOULD have gone:

Operator: "911, What is your emergency?"
BatShit Crazy Teacher:  "Th,, th...  there's a student breaking the law."
Operator:  "What is the student doing?  Does he have a weapon?"
BSCT:  "No, it's worse, he's got a Sharpie!"
Operator:  "He has a knife?"
BSCT:  "No, a Sharpie, a permanent marker."
Operator:  ............ 
Operator:  "Is he defacing school property?"
BSCT:  "Yes, he's using it on a piece of paper and it's bleeding through onto the desk.  I want him arrested under the graffiti statute.  He's not allowed to have a permanent marker on private property."
Operator:  "The marker is bleeding through the paper?  He's using it for schoolwork.?"
BSCT:  "Yes, but there's this ordinance...."
Operator:  "You do realize that schools are public property?"
BSCT:  "Yes...."
Operator:  "You do realize that you're an adult and a teacher and therefore should just tell him to stop using the marker and have him clean the desk...?"
BSCT:  ...........
Operator:  "I'm referring you to our front desk.  They will dispatch an officer to arrest you for improperly using police services in this city."
Operator:  "And, as a personal note, find a different job you nutbag."
But that's my common-sense world.  In my world, she would be fired and the parents of the kid would sue her pension right out from under her for being an idiot.

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