Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hmmm... If I ever needed another reason to avoid Walmart.....

Okay, I have had no problems with Walmart's business model and they employ a lot of people and seem to treat those people well.  Personally, almost every Walmart I've walked into has been a scene out of a Fellini movie.  But now they have caved to the Department of Homeland Security and are going to be showing Big Sis' report on your neighbor campaign on the video screens at the cash registers.  This was originally something created for transit systems, so why would they be showing it in Walmarts, which are generally in suburban or rural areas and are seldom reached by mass transit??  I'm thinking this is yet another way to expand DHS' so-called authority to, well, everything. 

Coming soon to your nearest Walmart--backscatter machines and enhanced patdowns.  Can't let you in to get your cheap merchandise without seeing you nekkid or feeling you up.

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