Sunday, December 5, 2010

Admiring our country as much as other countries--Elite Snobbery

I read an article here the other day and it started my train of thought.  The Eliterati, such as Mayor Bloomberg in New York City, brag about their cosmopolitan perspective, their literacy, and they use having and using a passport (or not) as a litmus test for intelligence. 

Now I do have a passport and I've used it but more importantly I have had the honor to live in many places around THIS country.  What I have found is that the people in this country are as varied as any of those found in Europe--even to the use of language.  Each state (and even different places in each state) have their own cuisine, social norms, and colloquial speech.

I think that folks like Bloomberg should maybe take a closer look at what they provincially call 'flyover country' and whose populace is referred to by his ilk (hello Katie Couric) as the 'unwashed'.  Instead of celebrating other countries, try celebrating the United States.

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