Monday, November 22, 2010

So, our reactionary TSA is doing exactly what the bad guys want

Apparently an Al-Qaeda affiliated magazine is touting the 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' to the West.  By doing small-scale terror attacks, like the Underpants Bomber or the printer cartridge bombs, they force reactionary governments to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on screening, equipment, etc. plus the cost of lost revenue from travelers not traveling. 

They have to totally be laughing their butts off watching pictures of 3 year olds being felt up, amputees and grandparents being humiliated, and rape victims being forced to endure intimate groping by a stranger.  Of course with lobbyists like the Chertoff Group and its connections to both Homeland Security and the companies building the backscatter machines, the spending is exacerbated.

The nanny states of the West--the US, Germany, England, etc. are chasing shadows instead of just taking low-tech, low-cost methods and letting everyone take their chances.  Nothing in the world is going to stop someone who is thinking small target and is willing to die.    Let government worry about the big stuff and quit walking on the liberty of Americans and let us stay alert when we travel.  We'll do the profiling, even if government doesn't and those around us will be safer for it.

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