Sunday, November 7, 2010

Range Day!

Went to the range yesterday with Himself and M to get some recoil therapy and work on dialing in my new Sig P238.  I have my new Stoner Holster (which I got, custom ordered in less than a week, to my door) and it totally rocks.  Fits perfectly, the placement of the belt clip puts the grip perfectly placed for my hand, holds the Sig firmly but it's not stuck in there.   (pics below)

While Himself fired in his new Llama (blogged about here), I began firing my new Sig.  I had two goals--get familiar enough with the firearm so that I can get 'em where I want 'em and seeing what types of ammo she'll eat.   I had to work on my trigger pull, with some patient coaching from M and just occasionally, Himself (it's better for a relationship to have a third party doing the lion's share of coaching, we feel).

According to the circle of shame (a poster on the wall with a circle and notes --if you're consistently shooting down/left check your trigger finger, etc.), I was pulling badly with my trigger finger (down and to the left).  After I got that corrected, and started coordinating the laser sight with the Night Sights I pretty much closed my groups in by half (just making a single large, ragged hole) at 21 feet.  I did have one flinching incident--jumping BEFORE I even pulled the trigger, which had M backing off the line because he was laughing so hard (and I deserved it).  In my own defense, I'd already put 200 rounds through and was getting a little tired.  But the Sig is actually a nice little gun to shoot, especially for a light .380.

M made me feel a little better by letting me fire his .45. I was only outside the black once (just outside) but it was only 21 feet also. 

So a very nice day, followed by an intensive firearm cleaning session today.


og said...

You know Himself just took that picture to show off your yoga-tuned backside.

Mr.B said...

you know if I'da had my druthers there would have been only the belt.....In order to show off the holster better.

og said...

Indeed, it is important to see hw the holster hangs on the belt, and it's position. It could not poossibly be that hundreds of readers would want to print out the picture and spend time holding it up with one hand, or ANYTHING like that.

Nice looking auto, and nice looking holster, in any event.

Midwest Chick said...

What I want to know is how I compare to Fran Drescher, butt-wise? At least I don't have her laugh....