Monday, November 8, 2010

How email use is the bane of back-room politics

Looks like Harry Reid's campaign might have been indulging in some illegal back-room shenanigans with Harrahs' casinos in order to get that unexpected jump that put him over the top for the win.  At his campaign's urging, Harrah's put the lean on their employees to get out there and vote... Democrat, especially Reid, only.  Not surprisingly, Harrah's was apparently putting the screws to folks who were reluctant to usurp the electoral process by voting a Reid ticket.

What is nice, is that there's an email trail a mile long.  Even the DoJ could follow this trail, if they bother to.  I certainly hope the regular citizens of the good state of Nevada make their displeasure known, loud and clear.

Via the Washington Examiner.

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