Monday, November 1, 2010

Another very nice weekend....

Despite the bother of having to go into work for a forgotten meeting on Friday (and it turning out to be a non-event), the weekend was quite lovely.  I got my Stoner holster in less than a week and it fits the Sig with the laser sight perfectly.  They also canted the clip (by request) which will definitely aid my draw.

Went to Nappannee on Saturday with Himself and a friend (blogged about here), had a great meal at the local Mexican joint, followed up by coffee and mellowing at home sorting out the gemstones from the $10 bag that we got for $5 by color.  Next sort will be wheat from the chaff but it looks like we've got quite a few of the more common gemstones--citrine, peridot, amethyst, and the ubiquitous blue topaz.  But there are a few genuine Linde stars (with the L on them to distinguish from other synthetic star sapphires) so we definitely got our money's worth, if only for the entertainment value.

I was treated on Sunday to breakfast in bed (a VERY rare treat and more appreciated as such).  Breakfast was corn pancakes (since I'd enjoyed the fried mush in Nappannee the previous day), along with extra-extra crispy bacon (just this side of flashpoint), and a Pepsi.   It was a good thing that I had such a solid breakfast because then the day kicked into productive mode:  finishing laundry, vacuuming (while Himself helped Friend spread dirt using Bobcats and tractors and all of the big toys).  Then fixing the leaf sucker and going to town on our yard until the oil plug sheared on the engine.  Since we could do no more on our yard, it was back over to Friend's place-- Himself hauled dirt using the tractor while Friend used the Bobcat to smooth the lawn.  I did traffic control and manual labor since we didn't have another tractor.  Friend's neighbor, while not quite as hapless as our Dumb-Ass Neighbor, had stepped into his house 'for a sandwich' and didn't reappear until we were almost done (an hour and a half later).  Since the Bobcat is $250/day, wasting that much time would not have been cool.

By the time he reappeared, however, the cold had started seeping into my core (the dog even wanted to wait in the car instead of outside) so we went home where Himself made some glazed porkchops and I made some of the Extreme Cheese Mac-n-Cheese, which I don't think we're going to buy again, because although it was nice and cheesy, the instructions call for the use of unsalted butter and fat-free milk.  So Kraft is seeing the writing on the tablets of the Code of Federal Regulations and is capitulating without a whimper.  Despite that, it was a nice end to a great weekend.

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