Thursday, October 21, 2010

So they couldn't even look Juan Williams in the eye....

Ellen Weiss, the head of news at NPR couldn't even be bothered (or didn't have the guts) to look a long term employee in the eye while she's canning him.  Interesting point is that she said that the word came from 'above' and there was nothing she could do.  Either that was a cop-out or it really did come from Soros who's paying the piper and calling the tune at NPR now.

I was reminded of Robin Williams in The Survivors, who was fired by the boss' parrot at the beginning of the movie, the only thing different being the parrot in this case didn't have feathers, but otherwise it seems to be a pretty close analogy.  Sorry, couldn't find a clip from the movie but watch Juan and his complete disbelief at his treatment at the link above (apparently he didn't know that liberals eat their own when someone steps out from groupthink ideologies).

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