Monday, October 4, 2010

It was a GREAT weekend!

My definition of a great weekend is a time period in which we get to forget about work and the house for a while BUT also get to be wicked productive around the house.  So it was with this weekend.  On Saturday we went to the Renaissance Faire in Fishers, Indiana (at my request).  Yes it rained and it was cold, but we got to watch the Society for Creative Anachronism knock each other silly with medieval weapons, got a fairly interesting, if long-winded lecture on herbcraft (it turns out that, per popular lore, lavender oil prevents flea eggs from hatching--something to be investigated further for veracity), and got to see a plethora of women with 'boobs on a plate'--i.e., corsets and tight bodices and men in tights.  I got my piece of 'Faire Swag', also known as a carnelian ring oddly enough made out of welding bronze and we also got a wooden utensil for the kitchen (Himself spent part of the day yesterday sanding and oiling our other wooden kitchen items--a badly needed process).

So yesterday was spent around the house moving and splitting wood.  Another rick moved, another one stacked, and probably one and a half split and ready to be stacked.    We also figured out one reason why we probably get more satisfaction out of certain types of work around the house--tangible results.  You've got a bunch of wood stacked and can stand back and look--'Hey, I did that' and you can admire it for months.  Doing laundry or vacuuming doesn't have that same semi-permanence to it--unless everyone is naked when you're doing that last load, come the evening, there will be clothes and towels in the basket, waiting to be washed.  One dog or cat across the carpet, and you're ready to vacuum again. So not as satisfying, on the whole.  However, we got all but one item off of the list of things to do yesterday and we got half of the last one done, so the weekend was a nice balance of relaxation and work.

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