Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it government by the people, for the people, if the lawmakers are exempt??

So in Above the Law, Seagal says something along the lines of the problems that are caused when there are people who can manipulate the media, cause wars, and generally place themselves above the law.  And it struck me that it's exactly what the federal government has been doing.  They exempted leadership staffers from Obamacare, they exempted themselves from laws, rules, and regulations regarding insider trading, they are exempt from OSHA, and, ironically enough considering SEIU involvement in the political process, the National Labor Relations Act.

The way that Congress acts, we're just there to provide them with money from our labor--in former times, this relationship was referred to as the feudal system--complete with lords and serfs.  Only problem with this system, is that, outside of Renaissance Faires, we don't live in a feudal system complete with a monarchy, we live in a Republic--the finest in the world and that has been under attack, from the outside and inside for decades.  The Tea Parties and calls for smaller government, reductions in regulations, and less spending are our only chance to reclaim our system lest it go the way of Rome.

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