Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gun Show and Blogmeet-Part II, the Blogmeet

When we last left our heroic (and hungry) foursome, they were headed to Claddagh's on 96th Street for food and conversation.  Arriving well before everyone and having carefully perused the menu (and firmly vetoing ANYTHING containing cabbage as a consumable for the mighty Og since there are not enough windows on the Prius to make the trip north possible if cabbage actually hit his digestive tract), the intrepid four conversed, ate onion rings and chicken tenders (it was decided by consensus that KFC's DoubleDown sandwich would be much better if they used these tenders rather than the chewy and gristly pieces used by KFC) and waited for the others to arrive. 

Brigid was the first, only to be greeted by the sight of Og's bare buttocks (I am personally surprised that she didn't accidentally floor her truck and careen right through the fence, thus decimating the nascent blogmeet before it got properly started).  After ordering a Guinness, she then repaired to the washroom whereupon the waitress left her drink on a very light plastic menu in a central Indiana wind, thereby launching the glass into the air.  I tried to interpose my body between the Guinness and the ground (it is a sin to not try to save it) but alas, except for the half that soaked into my jeans, the rest did meet pavement, much to our sorrow.

Soon thereafter, Joanna arrived, followed closely by Tam, Shootin' Buddy, Roberta, and Old Grouch.  The conversation varied from French toast recipes to the joys of E-ink and electronic reading devices.  We got to hear a story about real snakes on a plane (or was that skanks?) and also were amused by the local insect populace trying to commit suicide in Partner's food.  Tam discovered that physical threats can make hornets fly off in horror and she also brought copies of Concealed Carry Magazine (the latest copy had a great review of the Sig P238 that I just purchased).  It was a good review, which made me happy.  The most frustrating part about these blogmeets is that you can't be at all parts of the table to catch all the conversations.  The invention of the day was bib underwear, which are caused by the stretching and tying of Fruit of the Loom elastic until it can be hooked over the shoulders.  As Og said later, he can market them and get some chiseled metrosexual men to model and create the next fashion faux pas fad.

All too soon, we had to depart and head back north.  On the way back, the lack of sleep finally caught up with me and I crashed until Himself woke me to see if I wanted another Chick-Fil-A.  (As an aside, I really am addicted to Chick-Fil-A's breaded goodness but was so tired I couldn't bear to stop to get one but the fact that he asked was very thoughtful on his part.).

New firearms, great people, great conversation... what else could you want in a day??


og said...

It was a great time!!!

Midwest Chick said...

It certainly was! We do need to get together more often!! :-)