Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10--the Day After.... We survived!

Well, we made it through the dreaded 10-10 and as far as I know, no-one blew up for not going along with the 10-10 Eco-Nazis.  Of course, Himself and I spent a few hours in the morning transporting split wood from point A to point B with the diesel Kobota tractor in order to fill the final crucial rick of wood for winter.  We also got into a discussion about a new light fixture for the kitchen (the one with the fake stag horns is still a front-runner-NOT) but don't want to use CFLs because you can't use them on a dimmer (or some of them you can but it's a big pain and they are much more expensive than the already expensive compact fluorescents.  Maybe when LEDs make the next step forward....

Himself was ahead of the curve in the use of wood for heating and CFLs around the house, not because of the environmental issues (since CFLs with their mercury vapor and manufacturing processes PLUS transportation costs from China actually make them on the whole much worse than Edison's creation) but because he's watching the bottom line on household expenses.  If we can spend a few hours a week and cut our natural gas usage from $300-$400+/month in the dead of winter to just over $100/month and CFLs can save us $15/month on the electric side, then we're there.  

And this is what the government doesn't seem to understand.  Market forces can and will drive behavior far better and with further reaching consequences than mandates and driving American companies out of business.  When gas prices skyrocketed, we started buying more fuel efficient cars (not as fuel efficient as those in Europe, thanks to the NTSA and safety regs).  When electric prices jump, people start turning off lights.  Fuel oil in New England at an all-time high?  Sweaters and Snuggies 24-7 since you've turned the heat down ten degrees.  No government mandates necessary.  People will make the choice about how they want to spend their money and if they abhor Snuggies, then they'll juggle their budget to pay for fuel oil. We choose to get our cardio workouts during the summer and stay warmer in the winter and remain Snuggie-less.

It's really that simple. 


Anonymous said...

That works as long as the government doesn't outlaw burning wood to heat your home.

Think the EPA cares if the little people have to freeze in the dark?

og said...

I would LOVE to use CFL's, but the damned lectricity at my house is so fucked up it toasts them in a week.