Monday, September 20, 2010

The IMTS.... Sensory overload in 3-2-1.....

Himself and I were gifted by the Mighty and Indomitable Og with a chance to go to the International Manufacturing Technology Show on Saturday.  There were robots that sorted things, there were robots that made robots, there were lasers, cutters, printers, wires, tracks, hydraulics, measuring devices, and there was one BIG robot that could lift a 3000 pound weight like it was a marshmallow.  In addition, there was swag--pens, pencils, pressure-riveted hearts, and bags--lots of bags.  There was also the Ogwife and the Oglet (who is one of the most well-spoken teens I have ever had the pleasure to meet--she's also a walking compass with the best sense of direction I've ever encountered in a human).

We had a quick before-show tour with Og, to whom this stuff is old hat, even when new--he pointed out things that we might have otherwise passed by in the sea of shiny objects like the machines that make hip replacement joints.  Himself has been part of that world, albeit in the past, so he was quick on the uptake in regards to objects that seemed to me to be indistinguishable from magic and was able to walk me through a lot of it.  My brain went on overload before we got out of the first building, however.  For myself, I thought the tracks that hold wires and hydraulic hoses were pretty cool which kind of shows my level of understanding.

It was a MOST enjoyable day and we both had a fantastic time AND we learned a lot about cutting edge technologies.  I was kind of waiting for the Terminator to walk around a corner, but all I saw were NASCAR cars (cool unto themselves).  Thanks to the Indomitable One from both of us for making it possible.

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og said...

Glad you had a good time! Spare tickets to the show is one of the very few things I have left I can reasonably call a perk.