Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why the Obamas weren't invited to Chelsea's wedding....

Okay, I don't care that she's getting married, I don't care how much it cost.  I don't even care about the guest list really but I did think that it was interesting that Hillary's boss wasn't invited.  Back in the day, it was considered to be an insult to not invite bosses and the like to such occasions, even if you didn't like them.  Most of the time, this was understood and the boss would have enough class to reply with a 'regrets' and send a nice gift.  Even Al Capone understood this basic nicety--it would in many cases be too much of a hassle for him to attend, so presents were sent in lieu of his presence. 

However, the Obama's have shown themselves to be social clods--from the tacky gifts to Gordon Brown and family (non-Brit-playable DVDs and helicopters from the White House gift shop) and the IPod given to the Queen of England to Michelle's email requesting birthday wishes and a donation to Dear Barak (even though she's going to be in Spain probably on the taxpayer dime for his big 49th birthday).  Not only would they not understand that their presence would detract from the wedding itself, but I don't think they would understand that an autographed picture of The One is not a good replacement for the china in the bride's registry.  So I don't blame the Clintons a bit for keeping the Obamas off of the guest list.


Dick said...

Barry and Michelle aren't very well liked, but in fact hated by the Clinton family.
You'll see exactly how much so when Hillary resigns and begins her run against Barry.
She's going to destroy him.

Midwest Chick said...

There is talk that Barry won't run unopposed and will have to fight it out in a primary. It'll be beautiful!