Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quote of the day... from Greg Gutfeld

As you may or may not know, Greg Gutfeld has announced plans to open a gay bar catering to muslims near the site of the proposed mosque that is in the planning stages of being built near Ground-Zero.  His reasoning is the same as those wanting to build the mosque--understanding and tolerance.  And if New York rules and regs don't preclude a bar from being within XXX feet of a house of worship, then go for it.

Of course the left, being totally ball-less when it comes to actually taking a stand against those who kill gay folks (by stoning, by putting them in a sack and throwing them down a hill--if they survive, they're hung by the neck until they are dead) says that he's being intolerant and an islamaphobe, etc.  In other words, they're hypocrites and they can't stand to be called out.  And in any case, he admits that the gay bar thing is meant to be a provocation--but not towards muslims, towards the above mentioned hypocrites.

That said, his response to the charges of being provocative and religiously intolerant earns my vote for quote of the day:

Anyway, when half-wits are half-right, does that make them a quarter- cretinous?
I so much have to find a way to use that sometime........

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