Monday, August 23, 2010

Power grab--Federal style

Well it seems that no crisis will be wasted when it comes to power grabbing by the federal government.  On the heels of the recall of eggs, the FDA says that they need to have more power in order to 'to put in place these preventive controls and hold companies accountable.'  Right now the FDA does not have the power to call an egg recall--only the industry does.  Call me cynical, but this seems to be another way to get yet another industry under the thumb of the federal government--beginning the controlling of sources of food. 

Once they get their hooks firmly into one farm industry, the rest will fall like dominos, IF the American public allows it.  Problem being, and this has been the modus operandi all along--they say they are doing it for the greater good--to keep people healthy, etc. etc.  This nanny statism has to stop.  There is no state where I can find non-pasteurized apple cider.  I'd be willing to sign any number of wavers because the pasteurized stuff just doesn't have the same kick to me.  People have to start standing up and realizing that life has consequences, some big, some small, but letting the feds wrap us in bubble wrap and feed us milquetoast and pablum (or soylent green for that matter) is not the answer.

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