Saturday, July 3, 2010

A day of much satisfaction and learning

I posted last week that we tend to get more done by 10:00 am then most people do all day and today bore that out.  While Mr. B split wood, I transported and stacked.  I used the new tractor, which had a bit of a learning curve.....  My first trip, I put it in neutral and took off the brake.  I then proceeded to careen backwards down the hill with Mr. B riding shotgun on the side, yelling "brake,  BRAKE!" while I stomped every pedal except for the brake.  Thanks to his quick thinking and turning the wheel at the bottom of the hill, the mayhem was kept to a minimum, although I did need to blot the seat off.  Fortunately I am a fast learner so the rest of the day went without mishap.

Today I managed to stack about a thousand pounds of wood (we're making pieces/parts of the tree that landed on the barn).  My part was easy, comparatively (Mr. B split all of the stuff I stacked with an axe), but now I can look at those ricks of wood and smile with satisfaction.  More tomorrow, but Mr. B has said that he'll make breakfast first!!


Brigid said...

Sounds like a productive day. One of the trees out front is dead and is soon going to be firewood. I'll enjoy a real word burning fireplace this winter having lived with yuppie gas ones the last 5 years.

og said...

Ooh, new tractor! What kind? Knowing your taste in machinery I can only imagine! Details, please!

Oh, and I'm also really glad you're ok.

Midwest Chick said...

It's a Kubota BX2230 (with loader and belly mower) and Mr. B says it's way too frickin' small. Doesn't have the lift or traction or the PTO horsepower. He's going to try it with a five-foot bushhog but thinks it'll be too heavy.

I think it's cute. Like a real tractor but smaller.

If Mr. B hadn't turned that wheel I probably would have crashed right into the barn, which would have been bad but since it hasn't been repaired yet from the tree..... So aside from an adrenaline rush and pretty much peeing myself, it's all good.