Sunday, June 27, 2010

We do more before 10:00 am then most people do all day!

We had a lovely productive day today. Slept in until 7:00 am and then Mr. B made breakfast (he being the resident chef)--special pancakes with brown sugar and a hint of nutmeg and bacon (lots of bacon). While I cleaned up (it's a great trade, believe me because I dare say he cooks better than he welds), Mr. B went out to mow the lawn. Time now: 8:00 am. Kitchen done, I threw in a load of laundry and went outside where we moved 3/4 rick of wood after Mr. B repaired the lawnmower.

While Mr. B cut down a dead tree and did some trimming, I moved another 3/4 rick of wood. We can see threatening weather in the west, moving in quickly. So we get most of the brush moved to the woods in back of the house and get in right as the storm hits. Time now: 10:00 am.

But wait, there's more!
Mr. B heads to the workshop to fabricate something up while I text back and forth with the indomitable and VERY funny Og. After the localized tsunami is over and I fold laundry, we go out and split most of another rick of wood, which is now piled and waiting to be stacked.  Mr. B had to get the wedge and sledgehammer to make some of the pieces so that he could move them (he'd already taken the chainsaw to the even bigger pieces earlier).  The only reason we had time to split the wood is that Mr. B was going to help a friend change his brake pads and do some other truck repairs but the friend canceled.

After a break and a snack, we head to town to do some shopping, which is more tiring than moving all of that wood (that was going to be my solo chore while Mr. B was helping his friend so it worked out nicely). Dinner in town and finally get to enjoy the rest of the day with work well done.

Considering that before I moved up here, if anyone dared call before 10:00am, they would get an earful because I was still in bed, I've made quite a change, and for the better--thanks to Mr. B.

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