Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not even in force yet, but already working--the Arizona Law

Per Fox news (ht Drudge), a story about the Mexican consulate in Phoenix, Arizona is having a lot of work to do lately what with all of the illegals trying to get back into Mexico (oh the irony) LEGALLY so they won't have to pay taxes on their belongings when they schlep them back over the border.  They are also getting paperwork so they can enroll their kids in Mexican schools, where I'll bet there aren't any bilingual education classes.

This migration is basically being caused by the provision in the Arizona law wherein a business owner can lose their license if they have illegals working for them. Since 12% of the Arizona workforce is apparently illegal, then there is going to be an interesting tax shift in the state as businesses are going to have to have everyone on the books.

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