Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lunch at the Range

At the invitation of Brigid, Mr. B and I made our way to the Range for lunch today to be greeted by Brigid, Barkley, and G-Dog.  Og, Partner, and Rich also were there after their trip to the Indy 1500.  We had some wonderful food--pasta with venison meat sauce, rosemary infused sourdough bread, and a heavenly chocolate cake for dessert (there was also broccoli).  I also discovered that I really like Chili Flavored Beer.

The company was fantastic and the conversation was laughter-filled.  But the quote of the day came from the Lady of the Range after Og, the often-injured but still indomitable, relayed his story about the largest appendage on his foot being impaled by a falling fork.  While the rest of us marveled at the apparent sharpness of his flatware, Brigid chimes in from the hall....  "So, did you have to call a TOE truck?"  In the resultant silence after the collective *facepalm* echoes vanished, Partner summed it up for all of us....  "I must be slipping--wish I'd thought of that".

It was a lovely afternoon and I look forward to doing it again!


Brigid said...

I had SUCH a good time. You two are the best and I'm the better for knowing you.

I'll pick up some of the chili beer for you next time I'm at world market and will bring it up.

Let's do this again soon, even if it's just pizza.

Your cookies may not last til sunset tomorrow. Just warning you. Those were GOOOOOODDDD!

Scott McCray said...

Man - sounds like a blast! Maybe someday I'll get to meet y'all...

Midwest Chick said...
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