Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gov. Christie--a Real Leader

From JammieWearingFool, a video showing Gov. Christie's visit to a New Jersey school district.  The school district thought they were going to have to cut 25 jobs but managed to save all of them by taking a wage freeze and having some administrators pay for their health insurance.  Amazing!!!!  It seems that the buses stopping at Boonton district schools actually are clue-buses and the teachers union got on board.  Christie is bringing to light the exagerations and lies told by the unions in order to keep raising taxes and he's winning.  He's an actual leader who is sticking to his convictions about what is right for the citizens of New Jersey.  It was also great to see him interact with the kids--no 'special rug' to separate himself from the students and he was very natural and fun.  Kudos to him as well as the Boonton school district.

Please read JWF's blogpost about Christie's latest win--he said that school districts had to use their surplus (tax) money in order to make up the state aid that they wouldn't be receiving due to state budget cuts and an appeals court has upheld his constitutional authority to do so.  All but 17 school districts had been socking away taxpayer dollars in rainy day funds while asking for more taxpayer dollars.  Interesting but now that game is up too!

Go Christie!!!

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