Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Twilight Zone Writ Large

Bookworm has a thought-provoking post over at her place.  She talks about the Twilight Zone episode where the omnipotent/omniscient boy takes over a town.  The horror of the story is that the residents are forced to agree with everything the boy says and does or face terrible personal and social consequences.  Ultimately the town is destroyed in a fit of pique by the child. 

Bookworm relates this scenario to the creeping PC/thought police, where many Americans are forced to self censor their speech or else face derision, cries of racism/sexism/any other ism as well as possible loss of livelihood (please refer to the Volokh Conspiracy regarding the Harvard Law emails to show how pervasive this is and the consequences for deviating from the PC norm, even in supposedly private conversations/e-conversations).

What she writes is a wake-up call.  Every day that we allow our laws and rights to be trampled on, when we allow foreign powers to dictate the policies of the United States, when freedom of speech is warped to include 'unless someone can be offended by your words', we allow ourselves to grow weaker.  By letting the President of Mexico take the United States government or any state in this Union to task for making and enforcing laws to keep American citizens safe, by kowtowing and bowing and scraping to foreign despots, by allowing one religion (Islam) to have its way through threats of violence to the detriment of our society, we grow weaker. 

It's time to draw our lines in the sand folks and stand up for the virtues that made our country great.  I support Arizona in its quest to re-establish rule of law in its borders and I hope that fever spreads.  I hope that when the present incubents in local, state, and federal office are replaced with those who have pride in our country, believe in rule of law, and do not bow to any foreign power, then we can reclaim our country.  I hope that it's not too late.......

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