Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A symptom of the problem with the MSM

So Ann Curry, who could be considered to be a kind of journalist (she co-anchors the Today Show) goes to Wheaton College in Massachusetts and is talking about the illustrious alums from Wheaton College in Illinois.  Even though this seems like a very trivial thing, I think it's a symptom of the lack of knowledge and of a lack of fact-checking done by the folks involved in the MSM.  So, presumably with some of the resources of her network at her disposal, no one bothered to check the bios of the people she mentioned.  A quick check of Wes Craven clearly says "Wheaton College, Illinois".

I'm of two minds on this.  Firstly, is the MSM so lazy that they can't bother to double check the details of people that they are mentioning in a speech OR are they so insular that they can't conceive that there might be more than one Wheaton College in the United States (since one is in flyover country, it clearly couldn't have important people attend there).  And if they can't get the details right on something as straightforward as a list, how can they possibly handle the big issues??

I'm just sayin'.....

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